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PCB Manufacturer

Pansun is one of PCB manufacturer focusing on the process precipitation and the technical reserve;

We have the following pcb manufacturing capacity to meet your demands:

HDI PCB manufacturing

Aluminum PCB manufacturing

Heavy copper PCB manufacturing

Carbon ink PCB manufacturing

Burn in board PCB manufacturing

Lead free PCB manufacturing

Automotive PCB manufacturing

Communication PCBmanufacturing

Impedance Control PCB manufacturing

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Pansun PADPCB is a professional model manufacturer of the pcb, pcb proofing strictly follows the requirements of TS16949 quality system to ensure product meets the PCBs of the IPC - 600 - a standard.

Our PCB proofing has the following features:
1: We make PCB sample for the customer according to customer's production process standards;
2: We produce PCBs jointing makeup according to the mass production, early detect the prenatal problems such as assembly patch wave soldering, reduce cost and shorten the development cycle;
3: We arrange senior engineer to analysis the customer’s design drawings, set production process and process parameters;
4: We all complete PCB test before delivery to the customer;
5: We guarantee delivery punctuality of PCB proofing;
6: Even if the order includes a piece of PCB only, we also do our best;

PADPCB is a PCB manufacturer which provides with 24 hours fast pcb proofing.

24 hours rapid proofing can reduce the development cycle, speed up the type approval of customer product; we work hard with the fastest speed, help customers to win more market!
1: For the design drawings of urgent fast proofing, we arrange professional engineer to conduct analysis and processing, makes every effort to realize the engineering data with zero error;
2: We arrange our engineers who are familiar with the whole process to follow up 24 hours rapid proofing in all processes, strive for zero delay in PCB production;
3: No matter how urgent time, we strictly implement detecting steps for each process to guarantee that the PCB with zero defects;
4: We can increase the feeding quantity to ensure delivery quantity;
5: We keep good business cooperation with Express agency to ensure that the first finished product is delivered to the customer security at first time;

PADPCB is a PCB manufacturer which can realize one station service from PCB to PCBA.

PADPCB efforts to become service-oriented PCB manufacturer and provides one-stop service from PCB proofing to patching and assembly, including SMT patching/DIP plug-in/ backward welding /test/assembly/packing services.

1: The Company strictly follows the quality management system to satisfy the customer quality requirements:
The IPC-A-610 electronics assembly standards and ISO9001:2008 quality management system, implementation Process Control and PDCA circulation management mechanism, For packing 0201, BGA, we are competent to all of these standards.

2: The company is equipped with complete production equipment so as to meet customer's technical requirements:
With high-speed Fuji SMT machine, automatic solder paste printer, JT 8 temperature zones reflow soldering machine, AOI automatic optical detector and wave-soldering

3: With professional PCBA testing equipment, can complete the functional test and aging test of the customer product; at the same time, PCBA completely conforms to the requirements of environmental protection.

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